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The Blood is flowing on Wall Street

The Blood is flowing on Wall Street

By on January 20, 2016

The markets are very chaotic and a lot of people are losing huge amounts of money right now. People are, very reasonably scared. So this email is going to be about helping you out here.

 I wish I could be writing this urgent middle of the day update to you under some sort of better circumstances: Something like my 18 year son suddenly learned not to be an idiot when he drives so I was able to give him his car back, freeing me from schlepping his ass all over town (he doesn’t graduate from High School until May, so I’ve still got some power for a couple months) or that my 16 year old daughters boyfriends family suddenly have an amazing opportunity that is requiring them to move to freaking Mars…but, neither of those two things appear to be in the cards for me. Oh well, we all press on.

Now onto the things that are important for you. I’m going to make this update very quick because behind the scenes Corey and I are working to get a very detailed, in depth recording out to you tonight after the market closes.

First thing we all need to do, relax a little bit.

Look I know that’s easier and said than done, but it’s critical. The only people who survive in this business (both financially and ACTUALLY (heart attacks are huge killers amongst Wall Streeters) are people who can remain a bit calm and objective. I know it’s hard. Your money is at stake and with it your hopes and dreams for the future.

Add to that all of the jerks who need you to panic in order for them to maximize profits and you’ve got a nasty toxic stew. You didn’t realize there is an entire industry built on keeping you perpetually confused and scared? Come on now. Nobody really gives a damn about Bloomberg, CNBC or Fox News until the preverbal shit hits the fan. When that happens though – whoa! Profits and ratings sore. Brokers have a different angle. They want you freaking out and buying and selling and buying and selling in a panic because they get some decent commissions out of it, but more importantly they can take the other side of your trade and profit massively.

Then there are the vultures who inhabit this whole trader education and stock picking world. They all realize that if they can scare the hell out of you and convince you that you can’t possibly get by without them that they are going to make a lot more money.

I like to think that I canceled my doctors appointment today to write this little ditty to you because I’m the swellest guy who ever lived. That’s partially true, my mom might agree 100%!! – but hey, I’ve got a business here too.

The difference though is, I don’t want you to be scared. In fact even if Corey and Wayne and I all three died my hope is that we provide you with the tools and knowledge to be able to handle things for yourself in the market and profit nicely.

Right after the market closes Corey and I will be getting together to record a market outlook and action plan for you.

I’ll try to get it out in email but I gotta be totally honest with you -I’m kinda incompetent technologically speaking. I absolutely will have it up on the blog which you can access from the main www.IfiredWallStreet.com page though – so if you don’t see an email be looking for it there anyway.

Last thing. I just signed myself up for a special email account. I’m only going to check this account over the next few days, then I won’t use it again. But I want you to email me, Fredrickson76@Outlook.com with any questions you have about the market. It can be about an individual stock, sectors or indexes, gold, oil, forex. Your trading accounts or your investing retirement accounts. Hell it can even be about real estate or business in general if something has you worried. Having built 3 eight figure businesses so far in my life I know a few things about that stuff too.

Keep watching this space guys and you will be hearing from us.


About Brandon Fredrickson

Brandon Fredrickson started trading in the mid 1990's. He has has helped thousands of traders reach their dream of profitable trading since 1998.

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